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How do I create and maintain a powerful digital marketing foundation?

What is a “Digital Foundation”?

A digital foundation is the bedrock of your entire digital strategy.  For most brands this consists of a nurtured, current, responsive website, filled with a mix of static and dynamic content. For other brands, this could be a simple blog, online store, or maybe even just a branded Facebook page.

How do you build a digital foundation?

The key to an effective digital foundation is building it with a very specific target audience in mind. Think about like this; if you were to pick up a magazine at the grocery store, all of the content within that magazine would likely be customized for a very specific reader. For example, Mens Health magazine or Parenting magazine are designed for those audiences. In this same way, your digital foundation needs to be customized with your target audience in mind.

Now what? There are a bunch of questions you need to ask yourself.

It is now time to do a review of your digital assets and grade your digital foundation. Is your website up-to-date? Is the site optimized for mobile? Is the content optimized? (There is a difference between the content and the site! They both need to be optimized) Is there a current SEO strategy in place? When was the last time you assessed the user experience?

How do you keep your foundation “fresh”?

The “old way” of building a website consisted of hiring an agency to design something, filling it with boilerplate information, and occasionally updating a few images or paragraphs, over the years. Now, you need to have a digital foundation that is monitored weekly, if not daily, to make sure you are staying current.

Building and maintaining a foundation is vital to your digital strategy. It’s not hard, it is just a matter of determining who your target audience is, building something they would respond to, and keeping it current. Once your foundation is in place, then we need to establish your digital roadmap. But that’s a whole other process!

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